What is Rotavirus by {Taj Life Sciences} India

What is Rotavirus by {Taj Life Sciences} India

What is Rotavirus by {Taj Life Sciences} India

According to WHO Member States to accelerate the introduction of the rotavirus vaccine into their national immunization programmes and to establish a regional surveillance network to collect local data on disease burden and monitor the impact of vaccines.

Rotavirus infection affects nearly all the children of the world. By age 5 years, almost all children have been exposed to the virus, with more than a quarter experiencing a symptomatic infection.

Rotavirus causes about 25% of all diarrhoeal illnesses in children under 5, and is a major cause of morbidity and mortality globally.

According to WHO estimates, more than 10 000 children under 5 die each year in the WHO European Region due to rotavirus infection.

This infection plays a considerable role in countries where diarrhoeal illness causes significant mortality, although the disease can be prevented. In countries where diarrhoeal disease mortality is low, rotavirus infections are still common and carry large associated societal and health care costs.

WHO recommends that rotavirus vaccines should be included in all national immunization programmes and considered a priority particularly in countries in South and Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. WHO continues to recommend that the first dose of rotavirus vaccine be administered as soon as possible after 6 weeks of age, along with DTP vaccination. Apart from a low risk of intussusception (up to 6 per 100 000 infants vaccinated)1 the current rotavirus vaccines are considered safe and well tolerated.

The public health impact of rotavirus vaccination has been demonstrated in several countries. For example, in the USA, a measurable decrease was seen in the number of rotavirus gastroenteritis hospitalizations accompanied by a suggested herd effect protecting older non-vaccinated children, while in Mexico a decline of up to 50% in diarrhoeal deaths in children under 5 years of age was attributed directly to the use of the vaccine.

WHO reiterates that the use of rotavirus vaccines should be part of a comprehensive strategy to control diarrhoeal diseases with the scaling up of both prevention (promotion of early and exclusive breastfeeding, handwashing with soap, improved water and sanitation) and treatment packages (including low-osmolarity ORS and zinc).

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