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Quality Control

If there is one attribute to which we attach the utmost importance it is quality. At Taj Pharmaceuticals Quality is considered paramount at all locations where we conduct regulated research, development, manufacture, testing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Our operations are driven by best-in-class technology and processes, abiding by all major stringent regulatory approvals. Our commitment to implementing a robust global quality management system is based on our determination to sustain a culture of operational excellence, meeting and exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders, including patients, customers and regulators. Thus, our passion for quality goes beyond business and statutory requirements. Putting patients first is our motto.

Each site has well trained personnel for quality control along with a regulatory affairs department ensuring strict adherence to quality systems and procedures. The teams ensure that these guidelines are implemented to deliver quality products time after time. In addition, the manufacturing plants are audited by an autonomous Corporate Compliance Department with a view to ensuring 24 x 7 compliance and conformance.

Our steadfast commitment to quality goes beyond ourselves. We insist that our business partners comply with national and international regulatory and business standards which are in alignment with those of our own. This means that these are constantly upgraded to keep pace with the evolving dynamics of the global environment.

We remain committed to the highest levels of quality and will ensure that all our facilities, offices and legal entities continue to meet the ideal standards that are expected of a global pharmaceutical company.

Manufacturing and Facilities : The manufacturing facilities are based in Valsad (Gujarat) and Raigad (Raigarh, Maharashtra) and operated by Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd and its subsidiaries.

In our quest to be the leading manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry and a CRAMS player of global standing; we aspire to meet and excel the highest industry standards. To this end, on the manufacturing front, we have designed and engineered our production facilities to the most rigorous benchmarks.

We have a modern fda facility for the production of sterile powder formulations, non-sterile oral formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Some other features of our facility:

Modern QA, QC, Microbiological and PD Lab supported with high-tech equipment.
Fully automated with electronically controlled operating system as per Good Automated Manufacturing Practice guidelines (GMP).
Sophisticated Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with a capacity of 100,000 liters per day.
Conforms to international environmental, health & safety regulations

Quality Policy Taj Pharma Generics Division

We are committed to improve the quality of life of patients and to live up to our purpose “life as underlying purpose”.

We place great importance in the high quality of our products and services. All business segments make an overall contribution to increasing the quality and efficiency of healthcare which enables access to high-quality and affordable generics for a growing number of people.

Optimal quality and safety standards, the efficacy of our products and services and regulatory compliance in all what we do are fundamental prerequisite for serving our purpose.

The global Quality Management System is based on the following principles:

  • Clear assignment of responsibilities
  • Educated and well-trained employees
  • Continuous product & patient safety monitoring
  • Transparent and documented procedures
  • Controlled processes
  • Achieving full regulatory compliance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Maintaining an effective Quality Management System
  • Meeting and exceeding patient, donor and user expectations

We all share the responsibility to serve our purpose by supporting and adhering to the Global Quality Management System, in all we do.

Quality Management

The quality and safety of our products and services are the basis of our business activities at Taj Pharma Group. Therefore, we strive for harmonized standards and processes worldwide to safeguard the highest quality.

What Quality means to Taj Pharma

This commitment implicates the application of a quality management that assures the quality of products in terms of safety and efficacy. At Taj Pharmaceuticals, quality is an integral part of our day-to-day operations, of our business strategy and business philosophy.

Taj Pharma’s quality management system is designed to ensure compliance with all applicable national and international requirements as well as to meet the expectations of our partners and customers. For us, it is an ongoing task to undertake regular quality improvements across all operations with the aim to support medical professionals in the best possible therapy and care for critically and chronically ill patients around the globe.

Taj Life Sciences  Pvt. Ltd.  is a product-driven pharmaceutical company with diversified expertise. While Taj Life Sciences is relatively new to the Indian market, it is by no means a new player as it a wholly owned subsidiary of Taj Pharma Group.

Cost effective manufacturing

Taj Life Sciences shall be your right choice, if you are looking forward to channelizing any of your tablets, capsules and injectable products into any regulated/semi-regulated/highly regulated market. We are believers of the uniform standards? observance for domestic as well as international markets.

Formulation & Development

Taj Life Sciences offers a comprehensive package of F&D services to support your product portfolio and marketed product activities.


“We will discover, develop and successfully market pharmaceutical products to prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases.

Contract Manufacturing

As manufacturers, you?re no doubt always looking for cost saving ideas that can help grow your bottom line so you can grow your business. Rather than making large cuts to one or two departments, this goal is often best achieved through several small cost cutting efforts that ultimately add up to a significant amount of savings.


“Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company in India and to become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment.”

Business Development

The full range of support is offered including QC testing, RA support, visual inspection, secondary packaging and temperature controlled storage.

Generic pharmaceutical company focused on Contract Manufacturing

Taj Life Sciences  Pvt. Ltd.  is a Asia Based Generic pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring, developing, and commercializing innovative products to strengthen the foundation of cancer care. The company is committed to creating value by building a best in-class team, accelerating the development of lead product candidates, expanding its pipeline by being the alliance partner of choice, and nurturing a unique company culture.

Taj Life Sciences is Pharma formulation manufacturer

Taj Life Sciences is a Specialty Care contract manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals finished formulations.


FDA Approved Manufacturing Unit for the Liquid Injectables near Vapi, 90 km from Mumbai on the borders of Gujarat,India. 2 Line of old Tablet / Capsule Line and 4 Line Injectable Project for Specialty Injectable with strong R&D support and the core team members in the director panel which have patent in R&D formulation of Liquid Injectable.


We started construction and building of Small volume parental unit. The Unit was expansion of our contract manufacturing business into Liquid Injectables We planed to launch Specialty Injectable with strong R&D suppor


We stared production of Tablet and Capsule Section at Vapi (Gujarat); the core competence was cardiovascular and lipid care products.


We incorporated the company under the umbrella of Taj Pharma Group which was already active in pharmaceuticals formulation since 1995.

The Concept of Generic Pharmaceuticals Durgs Manufacturing was still new to market.