{Taj Life Sciences}: Women’s Healthcare Awareness Initiative

{Taj Life Sciences}: Women’s Healthcare Awareness Initiative

Women?s Poor health condition in India:

There?s lack of awareness about women?s health in India, mostly due to the taboos and superstitions associated with female genital hygiene and menstruation.

Every 8 minutes, an Indian woman dies due to cervical cancer. Statistics state that this is the second-most common cancer among Indian women.

While most cases of cancer are attributed to human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, the catalyst for cervical cancer is a uterine tract infection. However, the HPV vaccination and maintaining proper genital hygiene can only reduce the cancer risk.

Moreover, yeast infections, reproductive tract infection, microbial diseases and hepatitis B via transmission are other health risks that occur due to lack of menstrual hygiene.

For example, cervical screening, visiting a gynaecologists and vaginal discharges are still considered embarrassing among the masses.

These taboos have stigmatised female hygiene to the extent that women in most suburban and rural areas reuse old pieces of cloth during menstruation. On the other hand, the ?humiliation and secrecy? about mensuration — in both rural and urban India — leads to the problem of improper disposal of sanitary napkins and non-biodegradable napkins can be seen accumulating on landfills.

Moreover, women avoid conversations about how negligence of personal hygiene can lead to various urinary tract infections (UTIs).

These diseases can lead to major problems for under privileged women in rural areas, as visiting hospitals and undergoing various procedures can be a tedious and costly task.

Whatever be the reason, menstruation is not perceived with normalcy. Women are considered ?impure?, they are asked to stay away from male family members, have to sleep on the floor, and have to stay away from the kitchen. These unreal practices followed for centuries make women vulnerable and they shy away from dealing with menstruation in the right manner.

That’s why Taj Life Sciences is determined to bring over all healthcare initiative awareness about personal hygiene of women, while our company Menstrual Hygiene campaign is helping to improve menstrual health among adolescents, women workers, and female employees, as India needs to adopt a comprehensive approach to spread awareness about sanitary hygiene in a systematic way.

Our Indian society must raise an Acceptance, accessibility and affordability and focused approach for women sanitary products as large part of rural India remains untouched and lack of a proper delivery mechanism, education and lack of awareness leads to most women suffering from various diseases.

Our company is bringing more human touch towards PREVENTATIVE CARE AND SCREENINGS at various health camps conducted by our staff at rural areas.

Generally the women’s health services team includes doctors and health care providers from a variety of different specialties, basic Generic Medical kit, sanitary pads for free distribution.

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