Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Miltefosine 50mg Capsules PAN India.

Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Miltefosine 50mg Capsules PAN India.

Taj Pharmaceuticals, a distinguished name in the pharmaceutical sector, proudly positions itself as a foremost producer and supplier of Miltefosine 50-mg capsules. Specializing in the export of Miltefosine capsules, we have earned recognition as an approved GMP and FDA manufacturer situated in India.

Miltefosine 50-mg Capsules: An Overview

Quality Manufacturing Across India

Miltefosine 50-mg capsules
Miltefosine 50-mg capsules

Taj Pharma takes pride in being the top manufacturer for Miltefosine 50-mg capsules, serving as a leading supplier, wholesaler, and exporter. With our headquarters in Viramgam, Gujarat, India, we ensure widespread availability of Miltefosine capsules.

Effective Management of Leishmaniasis

Miltefosine, a potent anti-parasitic drug, plays a pivotal role in treating leishmaniasis—a disease caused by parasites transmitted through sand fly bites. Our Miltefosine 50-mg capsules effectively address various forms of leishmaniasis, encompassing skin conditions, internal organ involvement (liver, spleen, or bone marrow), and mucous membrane impact in the nose, mouth, and throat.

Certified Excellence

WHO GMP ISO Certification

Taj Pharma stands as the leading WHO GMP ISO certified manufacturer and supplier of Miltefosine 50-mg capsules in India. Located in Vapi, Gujarat, we prioritize the production of quality-oriented products, offering Miltefosine capsules at competitive rates.

FDA & GMP Approval

Miltefosine 50mg capsules
Miltefosine capsules

As a prominent Miltefosine 50-mg capsules supplier, exporter, and manufacturer across PAN India, we operate with FDA and GMP approvals. Our commitment to adhering to international manufacturing standards ensures the effectiveness and safety of our pharmaceutical products.

Global Reach

Exporter of Miltefosine 50-mg Capsules

Taj Pharma India has firmly established itself as an exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of Miltefosine 50-mg capsules from Vapi, Gujarat, India. Our Miltefosine capsules are instrumental in treating leishmaniasis, addressing both common and rare manifestations.

Holistic Treatment


Miltefosine capsules serve as a cornerstone in the management of leishmaniasis, providing a comprehensive solution for patients worldwide. Whether dealing with skin lesions, internal organ infections, or mucosal involvement, our Miltefosine 50-mg capsules deliver effective relief.

PCD Pharma Franchise

Trusted Miltefosine 50-mg Capsules Manufacturer

Taj Pharma holds a high reputation as an exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of Miltefosine 50-mg capsules from Viramgam, Gujarat, India. Our commitment to quality is evident in the trust we’ve garnered as a preferred Miltefosine capsules manufacturer for PCD Pharma franchises.

Global Presence

Miltefosine 50-mg capsules manufactured by Taj Pharma are distributed and exported globally. As WHO-GMP certified third-party manufacturers, we ensure the availability of premium Miltefosine capsules on a worldwide scale.

In the sphere of pharmaceutical excellence, Taj Pharma stands tall as a manufacturer and supplier of Miltefosine 50-mg capsules. Our dedication to quality, adherence to global standards, and comprehensive treatment solutions for leishmaniasis make us a trusted name in the industry.