Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets 125mg: Unveiling Excellence in Healthcare


Taj Pharma, a distinguished pharmaceutical company in India, took a stride toward excellence by introducing Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets 125mg. This article delves into the details of Taj Pharma’s commitment to quality, the technical specifications of the tablets, and the broader landscape of the pharmaceutical industry.

Taj Pharma: A Trusted Name

Taj Pharma has earned its reputation as a reliable Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets 125mg Manufacturer in India. With a commitment to high standards, the company ensures strict quality control measures, promising a harmonious standard in every batch.

Quality Assurance through ISH

The manufacturing process at Taj Pharma adheres to ISH (International Stylish Harmony), emphasizing compliance with global quality norms. This commitment ensures that each Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablet meets the highest standards in the world.

Stylish Manufacturing Standards

Taj Pharma uses the best-grade active ingredients to manufacture Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets, aligning with the transnational norms of European products. This stylish approach sets Taj Pharma apart in the competitive pharmaceutical landscape.

Rich Experience in Heavy Metal Antagonist Production

With a rich background in manufacturing heavy metal antagonist Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets, Taj Pharma brings a wealth of experience to the niche market, solidifying its position as a prominent player.

Technical Specifications of Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets 125mg

Product Name and Brand

The tablets are known as Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets under the generic brand.

Strength and Dosage Forms

Available in strengths of 500mg, 250mg, and 125mg, these tablets come in a dispersible form.

Route of Administration

Administered via the oral route, Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets ensure ease of consumption.

Packing Details

Options include 10s, 30s, 100s, and 500s, providing flexibility for different prescription needs.

Important Documents

Accompanied by essential documents such as COA, MOA, Stability Studies, and GMP, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Therapeutic Use and Indications

Cefadroxil, a β-lactam Antibiotic and Cephalosporin, effectively treats various bacterial infections, including those of the skin, throat, tonsils, and urinary tract.

Storage Recommendations

Stored and protected from moisture at temperatures not exceeding 30°C, maintaining the stability of the medication.

Generic Name and Composition

Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets 125mg Each uncoated dispersible tablet contains Cefadroxil IP equivalent to anhydrous Cefadroxil at 125mg, ensuring efficacy.

Therapeutic Indications

Cefadroxil, classified as a cephalosporin antibiotic, works by killing bacteria, making it effective in treating a range of infections.

Taj Pharma India Limited: A Pillar of Pharmaceutical Excellence

With a visionary leadership team and 12 years of experience, Taj Pharma stands out in the pharmaceutical landscape. The company’s commitment to innovation, transparency, and customer-centricity has made it a trusted partner for superior healthcare solutions.

Visionary Leadership

Guided by visionary leaders, Taj Pharma continues to innovate and grow, contributing significantly to the pharmaceutical industry.

Commitment to Innovation

Taj Pharma’s commitment to innovation is evident in its product offerings and continuous efforts to enhance healthcare solutions.

Customer-Centric Approach

Putting customers first, Taj Pharma prioritizes transparency and ensures the highest standards in its products.

Contact Information

For inquiries, Taj Pharma India can be contacted directly at +9184484 44095 or the toll-free numbers 1800 222 434 / 825.

Manufacturing Plant Details

Taj Pharma India Ltd. Plot No.1019, Sarigam G.I.D.C., Road No. 10, Dist. – Valsad.


In conclusion, Taj Pharma’s introduction of Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets 125mg marks a significant advancement in the pharmaceutical industry. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Taj Pharma continues to be a key player in providing healthcare solutions.

Caution and Schedule

Caution is advised through the enclosed leaflet, emphasizing the importance of reading before use. The tablets fall under Schedule H, requiring a prescription for retail sales.

Storage and Dosage Instructions

Stored and protected from moisture, and dosage is as directed by a physician, ensuring optimal effectiveness.